Media Actions

Table of contents

  1. App Store
    1. Find App Store Apps
  2. Audio
    1. Record Audio
      1. Qualities
      2. Start Recording
    2. Recognize Music
    3. Get Details of Shazam
      1. Details
  3. Camera
    1. Take Photo
    2. Take Video
      1. Cameras
      2. Qualities
      3. Start Recording
  4. Device
    1. Take Screenshot
    2. Take Interactive Screenshot
      1. Selections
  5. GIFs
    1. Add Frame to GIF
    2. Make Video from GIF
  6. Image Editing
    1. Combine Images
      1. Modes
    2. Crop Image
      1. Positions
    3. Flip Image
      1. Flip Directions
    4. Remove Image Background
    5. Rotate Image
  7. Images
    1. Convert Image
      1. Image Formats
    2. Convert Image to JPEG
    3. Strip Image Metadata
  8. iTunes Store
    1. Show in iTunes Store
  9. Music
    1. Get Current Song
    2. Add to Music Library
    3. Select Music
  10. Photos
    1. Create Photo Album
    2. Delete Photos
    3. Get Last Import
    4. Get Latest Bursts
    5. Get Latest Live Photos
    6. Get Latest Screenshots
    7. Get Latest Photos
    8. Get Latest Videos
    9. Remove from Photo Album
    10. Save to Photo Album
    11. Select Photos
  11. Playback
    1. Play Music
    2. Pause Music
    3. Toggle Play/Pause Music
    4. Set Volume
    5. Skip Back
    6. Skip Forward
  12. Playing Next
    1. Add to Playing Next
    2. Add to Playing Later
    3. Clear Playing Next
  13. Playlists
    1. Add to Playlist
    2. Create Playlist
  14. Podcasts
    1. Find Podcasts
    2. Get Detail of Podcast
      1. Details
    3. Get Podcasts from Library
    4. Play Podcast
  15. Video
    1. Strip Media Metadata
    2. Set Media Metadata
    3. Encode Video
      1. Sizes:
      2. Speeds:
    4. Encode Audio
      1. Formats
    5. Trim Video

App Store

Find App Store Apps

Search the app store for apps using query.

searchAppStore(text query)


Record Audio

Record some audio.

recordAudio(enum ?quality = "Normal", enum ?start = "On Tap")


  • Normal
  • Very High

Start Recording

  • On Tap
  • Immediately

Recognize Music

Use Shazam to recognize music.

startShazam(bool ?show = true, bool ?showError = true)

Get Details of Shazam

Get a detail of a Shazam match.

getShazamDetail(variable input, enum detail)


  • Apple Music ID
  • Artist
  • Title
  • Is Explicit
  • Lyrics Snippet
  • Lyric Snippet Synced
  • Artwork
  • Video URL
  • Shazam URL
  • Apple Music URL
  • Name

Note: Enum values are case-sensitive.


Take Photo

Takes number of photo(s).

takePhoto(integer ?count = 1, boolean ?showPreview = true)

Take Video

Takes a video using camera in quality.

takeVideo(enum ?camera = "Front", enum ?quality = "High", enum ?recordingStart = "Immediately")


  • Front
  • Back


  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

Start Recording

  • On Tap
  • Immediately

Note: Enum values are case-sensitive.


Take Screenshot

takeScreenshot(bool ?mainMonitorOnly = false)

Note: mainMonitorOnly will only apply to a Mac

Take Interactive Screenshot

Take an interactive Screenshot

takeInteractiveScreenshot(enum ?selection = "Window")


  • Window
  • Custom

Note: Enum values are case-sensitive.

Note: Mac-only action


Add Frame to GIF

Add a frame to a GIF.

addToGIF(text image, text gif, text ?delay = "0.25", bool ?autoSize = true, text ?width, text ?height)

Note: width and height can only be used when autoSize is false.

Make Video from GIF

Make video from gif, looping loops number of times. Returns GIF as video.

makeVideoFromGIF(variable gif, number ?loops = 1)

Image Editing

Combine Images

Combine images using mode with spacing.

combineImages(variable images, text ?mode = "vertically", number ?spacing = 1)


  • Horizontally
  • Vertically
  • Grid

Crop Image

Crop image at position to width and height. Returns cropped image.

cropImage(variable image, text ?position = "Center", text ?width = "100", enum ?height = "100")


  • Center
  • Top Left
  • Top Right
  • Bottom Left
  • Bottom Right
  • Custom

Flip Image

Flip image in direction. Returns the flipped image.

flipImage(variable image, enum direction)

Flip Directions

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical

Note: Enum values are case-sensitive.

Remove Image Background

Remove the background from an image.

removeBackground(variable image, boolean ?crop = false)

Rotate Image

Rotate image degrees number of degrees. Returns rotated image.



Convert Image

Convert image to another image format.


preserveMetadata is optional, the default value is true.

Image Formats

  • TIFF
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • PDF
  • HEIF

Convert Image to JPEG

Convert an image to a JPEG.

convertToJPEG(variable image, number ?compressionQuality, bool ?preserveMetadata = true)

Strip Image Metadata

Strip metadata from an image.

stripImageMetadata(variable image)

iTunes Store

Show in iTunes Store

Show product in the iTunes Store.



Get Current Song

Gets the current song.


Add to Music Library

Add songs to music library.


Select Music

Select song(s) from the Music app.

selectMusic(bool ?selectMultiple = false)


Create Photo Album

Create an album named name with photos.

createAlbum(text name, variable ?images)

Delete Photos

Delete photos from photo library.

deletePhotos(variable photos)

Get Last Import

Gets the latest photo import.


Get Latest Bursts

Get latest photo bursts.

getLatestBursts(number count)

Get Latest Live Photos

Get latest live photos.

getLatestLivePhotos(number count)

Get Latest Screenshots

Get latest screenshots.

getLatestScreenshots(number count)

Get Latest Photos

Get latest photos.

getLatestPhotos(number count, bool ?includeScreenshots = true)

Get Latest Videos

Get latest videos.

getlatestVideos(number count)

Remove from Photo Album

Remove photo to photo album album.

removeFromAlbum(variable photo, text album)

Save to Photo Album

Save photo to photo album album.

savePhoto(variable photo, text ?album = "Recents")

Select Photos

Select photos from photo library.

selectPhotos(bool ?selectMultiple = false)


Play Music

Play Apple Music on current device.


Pause Music

Pause Apple Music on current device.


Toggle Play/Pause Music

Play/Pause Apple Music on current device depending on the current play status.


Set Volume

Set device volume to number.

setVolume(number number)

Skip Back

Skip back to the previous song.


Skip Forward

Skip forward to the next song.


Playing Next

Add to Playing Next

Add music as the next to play in the queue.

playNext(variable music)

Add to Playing Later

Add music as the last to play in the queue.

playLater(variable music)

Clear Playing Next

Clears the songs up next.



Add to Playlist

Add songs to playlist with name.

addToPlaylist(text playlistName, variable songs)

Create Playlist

Create a playlist.

createPlaylist(text title, variable ?songs, text ?description, text ?author)


Find Podcasts

Search Apple Podcasts for podcasts using query.

searchPodcasts(text query)

Get Detail of Podcast

getPodcastDetail(variable podcast, enum detail)


  • Feed URL
  • Genre
  • Episode Count
  • Artist
  • Store ID
  • Store URL
  • Artwork
  • Artwork URL
  • Name

Note: Enum values are case-sensitive.

Get Podcasts from Library

Get the user’s podcasts from their library.


Play Podcast

Play a podcast.

playPodcast(variable podcast)


Strip Media Metadata

Strip metadata from video or video.

stripMediaMetadata(variable media)

Set Media Metadata

Set metadata for a video or audio.

setMetadata(variable media, variable ?artwork, text ?title, text ?artist, text ?album, text ?genre, text ?year)

Encode Video

Encode a video.

encodeVideo(variable video, enum ?size = "Passthrough", enum ?speed = "Normal", boolean ?preserveTransparency = false)


  • 640×480
  • 960×540
  • 1280×720
  • 1920×1080
  • 3840×2160
  • HEVC 1920×1080
  • HEVC 3840x2160
  • ProRes 422


  • 0.5X
  • Normal
  • 2X

Encode Audio

Encode audio.

encodeAudio(variable audio, enum ?format = "M4A", enum ?speed = "Normal")


  • M4A
  • AIFF

Trim Video

Prompts the user to trim video. Returns the trimmed video.

trimVideo(variable video)