Built-in Actions

Built-ins in Cherri are actions in the compiler that use standard actions but implement them in a way that makes it easier to use a specific Shortcuts feature.

For example, the makeVCard() action is in actuality just a text action. Still, the compiler uses it to insert the vCard format into a text action based on your input.

Table of contents

  1. Built-in Actions
    1. Contains Text
    2. Encode Files
    3. Open SpringBoard
    4. Make vCard
    5. Raw Action

Contains Text

Checks if text occurs in subject.

containsText(text subject, text text, bool ?caseSensitive = true)

This uses a Match Text action to check if text is within subject.

Encode Files

base64File(text filePath)

This built-in action will load the file at filePath and encode it to base 64 at compile time. This will result in a Text action containing the base 64 encoded contents of the file which Shortcuts can decode for showing an image, playing audio , etc.

For example, you could enter a file path for an audio file and use Play Audio to play the audio when the Shortcut runs.

@audio = base64File("music/playme.mp3")

Open SpringBoard

Go to the home screen.


This uses the Open App action to open the SpringBoard or Homescreen.

Make vCard

Create vCards without having to remember the format. Embed local images as the image for a menu item.

Raw Action

Create actions by inputting full identifiers and parameters to use actions not supported by Cherri.