Actions in Cherri are intended to be easier to use, as in some cases, single actions have been split up into multiple actions to reduce the number of arguments and complexity. Some arguments are optional and some are required.

Standard Actions

These are the standard Shortcuts actions currently supported. Currently, more are being added all the time so this list may be inaccurate. Not all standard actions in each category are implemented yet, Scripting is the most complete.

Standard actions are always available and do not need to be imported.

In progress

Some actions may not be implemented due to difficulty implementing them practically into the language.

Please report incomplete or non-working actions

Built-in Custom Standard Actions

These built-in actions customize a standard action’s behavior to make a feature more convenient for scaling Shortcuts.

Built-in Custom Standard Actions

Can I contribute actions, even non-standard actions?

Yes, it’s not very hard!

Learn more about contributing actions

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