Strong caution against the misuse of this syntax, such as long chains of pastables pasting other pastables.

Cherri has a built-in pre-processing mechanism for copy-pasting commonly used sets of actions.

Use the following syntax to create a “Pasteable”:

copy identifier {

Then, to paste the contents of the pasteable in the resulting Shortcut, use the following syntax:

paste identifier

The resulting Shortcut will have alert("Hello") pasted wherever you used paste identifier!

For efficiency, you cannot use paste before declaring the copy it’s using.

These work differently from custom actions in that they reduce the number of actions you use to do something to just one usage that can be called over and over again. With pasteables, you don’t need to use the abstraction of custom actions (especially if you don’t need to use arguments) to reuse the same actions if it’s not necessary for what you need to reuse.