Sharing Actions

Table of contents

  1. Clipboard
    1. Get Clipboard
    2. Copy to Clipboard
  2. Messaging
    1. Send Email
    2. Send Message
  3. System
    1. Airdrop
    2. Share


Get Clipboard

Get the current contents of the clipboard.


Copy to Clipboard

Copy input to the clipboard. local is a boolean that is false by default. expire is when the information should leave the clipboard if it hasn’t already and is a date as text (e.g. Today at 3pm).

copyToClipboard(variable value, boolean ?local = false, text ?expire)


Send Email

Send an email to a contact.

sendEmail(variable contact, text from, text subject, text body, boolean ?prompt = true, boolean ?draft = false)

Send Message

Send a message to a contact.

sendMessage(variable contact, text message, boolean ?prompt = true)



Prompt to AirDrop input.

airdrop(variable input)


Share input via the Share Sheet.

share(text input)