Web Actions

Table of contents

  1. Articles
    1. Get Article from Webpage
    2. Get Article Detail
  2. Giphy
    1. Search Giphy
    2. Get Number of Gifs from Giphy
  3. RSS
    1. Get RSS Feed
    2. Get RSS Feed from URL
  4. Safari
    1. Add to Reading List
    2. Get Current URL
    3. Get Webpage Detail
      1. Details
    4. Open URLs
    5. Run JavaScript on Current Webpage
    6. Search the Web
      1. Engines
    7. Show Webpage
  5. URLs
    1. Expand URL
    2. Get Detail of URL
      1. Details
    3. Get URLs from Input
    4. URL Value
  6. Web Requests
    1. Download Contents of URL
    2. Form Request
      1. HTTP Methods
    3. JSON Request
    4. File Request
    5. Get Contents of Webpage
    6. Get URL Headers


Get Article from Webpage

Get article from webpage in article.

getArticle(text webpage)

Get Article Detail

Get detail from article.

getArticleDetail(variable article, text detail)


Search Giphy

Search Giphy for query.

searchGiphy(text query)

Get Number of Gifs from Giphy

Get gifs number of gifs from Giphy for query.

getGifs(text query, integer ?gifs = 1)


Get RSS Feed

Get items number of items from RSS feed at url.

getRSS(integer items, text url)

Get RSS Feed from URL

Get RSS feeds from urls.

getRSSFeeds(text urls)


Add to Reading List

Add url to the users reading list.

addToReadingList(text url)

Get Current URL

Get current web page url.


Get Webpage Detail

Get detail of webpage.

getWebPageDetail(variable webpage, enum detail)


  • Page Contents
  • Page Selection
  • Page URL
  • Name

Open URLs

Open url in default browser. Accepts a variable containing multiple URLs.

openURL(text url)

Run JavaScript on Current Webpage

Run script on currently active tab as JavaScript.

runJavaScriptOnWebpage(text script)

Search the Web

Search the web for query using engine.

searchWeb(enum engine, text query)


  • Amazon
  • Bing
  • DuckDuckGo
  • eBay
  • Google
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo!
  • YouTube

Show Webpage

Show the webpage at url, optionally with Safari reader enabled.

showWebpage(text url, boolean ?useReader)


Expand URL

Expand url. This is generally used for short urls.

expandURL(text url)

Get Detail of URL

Get detail from url.

getURLDetail(text url, enum detail)


  • Scheme
  • User
  • Password
  • Host
  • Port
  • Path
  • Query
  • Fragment

Get URLs from Input

Get URLs from input.

getURLs(variable input)

URL Value

Create url value of url. No limit on url arguments.

url(text ...url)

Example Usage


Web Requests

Download Contents of URL

Download contents of url.

downloadURL(text url, dictionary ?headers)

Form Request

Send a method request to url with body.

formRequest(text url, enum ?method = "GET", dictionary ?body, dictionary ?headers)

HTTP Methods

  • GET
  • POST
  • PUT

JSON Request

Send a method JSON request to url with body.

jsonRequest(text url, enum ?method = "GET", dictionary ?body, dictionary ?headers)

File Request

Send a method file request to url with body.

fileRequest(text url, enum ?method = "GET", dictionary ?body, dictionary ?headers)

Get Contents of Webpage

Get contents of webpage at url.

getWebpageContents(text url)

Get URL Headers

Get headers for url.

getURLHeaders(text url)