Cherri (pronounced cherry) is a Shortcuts programming language, that compiles directly to a valid runnable Shortcut.

Scale your Shortcut projects and maintain them long-term.

/* Hello, Cherri! */

#define glyph smiley
#define color yellow

@message = "Hello!"
alert("Message: {message}", "Alert")

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What’s a Shortcut?

A Shortcut is a custom automation created by users on Apple platforms (Mac, iPhone, etc.). It is composed of metadata, and “actions” which each perform a task on the device based on the configuration similar to a programming language with functions and control flow. In this way, it becomes a way to program custom software for Apple devices without needing to write an app in Swift and wait for approval from the Apple App Store.

What makes Cherri different from previous Shortcuts programming languages?

Its primary platform is macOS. The restriction where Shortcuts must be signed, which unfortunately discontinued many iOS app-based Shortcut languages, has shown that a Shortcuts language will likely be more sustainable with fewer restrictions placed on macOS (and only macOS can sign Shortcuts). This also creates a better developer experience (no tiny tapping!).